Welcome to Ulbster Alpaca Trekking

Located on Scotland’s Route 66


Ulbster Alpaca Trekking is located right on the famous North Coast 500 (NC500) route. We’re easy to find, have our own extensive trails, and offer an unhurried and welcoming Caithness approach to every Farm Visit and Alpaca Trek.

Alpaca Treks

Again, we always start with a Health and Safety briefing, before meeting and feeding some treats to the alpacas to see how everyone interacts with “the boys”. Once the trekkers have been paired up with an alpaca, we will put on their halters and head out trekking. The treks are over uneven ground, but are not overtaxing.

After the trek, it’s some more treats, before following the same programme as the Farm Visit. If it’s an afternoon slot, then we feed the boys and girls their dinner, and feed the many ducks. Please allow 2 hours, but it has been known to last up to 3 hours. Again, we don’t rush these experiences. The minimum age for an alpaca trek, is a “sensible” 5-6 year old, but we will ensure everyone is safe to go on a trek on the day itself.

Price: £20/Adult & £10/Child (deposit £1 per person)


Farm Visits

The Farm Visit is designed for younger children and people who cannot, or do not want to, walk over rough terrain. We start every experience with a small Health & Safety briefing before we head out to meet the the alpacas aka “the boys”. You’ll get the opportunity to feed them some treats and get up close and personal to pet them.

Then we move on to the ducks, with a spot of feeding, and petting the tame ones. We round off your visit with a wander down to see the lady alpacas, and hopefully their babies (Cria) when they are born. If the weather stays dry, then we will give them a dust bath and watch them roll around. The Farm Visit lasts approximately 1 hour, but is often longer, because we are never in a hurry.

Price: £10/Adult & £5/Child (deposit £1 per person)